Stay calm and build a chill out – Part 2

Hello little owls !

It was a pleasure for us to welcome new members in our camp during our last preparation day in Taverny (the first of May) and the last preparation week-end in the Vexin (from the 5 to 7 of may), near a beautiful pond surrounded by fields and vegetation.

During the day of preparation, we prepared new flowers for the Jungle decoration. Thank you Améziane, Romy, Alina, Anne, Paul, Sarah and Tony for your involvement !

During the epic week-end of preparation, we built the camp for the first time ! It means build the tent, install the sound, lights, the chill and of course the decoration ! We dug a hole for dry toilets, cooked for all the owls (home made barbecue, salads…) and organized decoration workshops.

To wash our feathers, we bathed on the fresh water of the pound under the sun, Hummm… Really refreshing !

And we danced all night long …

It was a fabulous week-end thanks to all the volunteers who helped us ! Thank you to our 2 Austrian leads Lukas and Markus came especially for the occasion.

We can’t wait to see you at Crème Brûlée and/or Nowhere !



Owls family

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