Glow ta crème brûlée


Depuis des temps immémoriaux, chaque millénaire, le grand glowy owl investit une nouvelle enveloppe charnelle pour faire don du chill à l’humanité, pour réunir et apaiser les âmes surchargées, dispersées et désoeuvrées.

Son oeil immense, lien sacré entre l’univers infini de l’obscurité et notre petit monde bruyant et lumineux, absorbera tous vos tourments et vos douleurs pour vous laisser béat et révélé, plein de cette énergie nouvelle qui vous permettra enfin de vivre sans hésiter notre glorieux présent.  

Dans le barrio du glowy owl, vous pourrez vous prélasser dans un chillout confortable et psychédélique, goûterez des mets divins, vous serez bercés par une musique envoûtante et assisterez à des réunions de danse contact esthétisée, d’autres workshops encore et une cérémonie à la gloire du grand glowy owl.

Si vous voulez vivre une crème brûlée plus chill, plus glowy, envoyez nous un message à glowyowl[@]



Notre barrio fournira un repas végétarien par jour, du bon son et un chillout confortable

Les douches et sanitaires seront disponible dans le camping

Crème brûlée addiction 2018

Hey !

Bon, on va pas en faire tout un pâté mais cette crème brûlée envoyait de la purée !
Maybe weird in English but I will try: Well, we will not make a whole pie but this crème brûlée sent mashed potatoes! (Easier to translate all the article for those who want to understand, there are some french expressions in it, sorry…)

On salue toutes les personnes qui ont participé à la déco, celles qui ont proposé des workshops et œuvres d’art : Silent blind touch (Paul), ATM (Sacha), Crochet collaboratif (Anne), 5 sens (Tony), String art (Sophie), Contact improvisation (Ronald & Aude).

On a bien cassé la croûte, merci aux cuisiniers ! On salue ceux qui ont mixé de la musique et qui ont fait bougé le camp, on salue ceux qui ont participé au bien-être de tous (Leave No Trace et rangement en tout genre), merci à ceux qui nous ont aidé à monter et démonter le camp.

On s’est bien fendu la poire et votre participation a été notre cerise sur le gâteau ! Merci à tous et à l’année prochaine ! ( ou au Nowhere pour ceux qui nous suivent ).

Quelques photos du camp :

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Owl Family

Stay calm and build a chill out – Part 2

Hello little owls !

It was a pleasure for us to welcome new members in our camp during our last preparation day in Taverny (the first of May) and the last preparation week-end in the Vexin (from the 5 to 7 of may), near a beautiful pond surrounded by fields and vegetation.

During the day of preparation, we prepared new flowers for the Jungle decoration. Thank you Améziane, Romy, Alina, Anne, Paul, Sarah and Tony for your involvement !

During the epic week-end of preparation, we built the camp for the first time ! It means build the tent, install the sound, lights, the chill and of course the decoration ! We dug a hole for dry toilets, cooked for all the owls (home made barbecue, salads…) and organized decoration workshops.

To wash our feathers, we bathed on the fresh water of the pound under the sun, Hummm… Really refreshing !

And we danced all night long …

It was a fabulous week-end thanks to all the volunteers who helped us ! Thank you to our 2 Austrian leads Lukas and Markus came especially for the occasion.

We can’t wait to see you at Crème Brûlée and/or Nowhere !



Owls family

The Nowhere Glory Kitchen


Our planet made up once upon a time a big symbiosis with our all favorite and loved SUN. The human kind got lucky, because this gigantic exchange of chemical processes provides the Planet Earth nowadays with our daily needed Nutrition. When Glowers come together once a while in a cosmic breath, one of the most important things is to keep your self going! Beside the fact that a waterbottle should be part of your journey anytime!.., a whole week of workshops, midnight raves and self exploration is exhausting and your Energy level has to be filled up as well.

We do so and provide you twice a day a meal. The time will be, when the food is ready. Its hard to say, but when she (we should treat the sun as a lady!) is about to crack the highest point and when   about to reach the lowest point… this is a good one to check out whats going on in the glory kitchen.

As we try to be as sustainable and ecologically as possible, we still have to deal with a dessert and with a world we create out of nothing. We’ll definitely use fresh vegetables, best spices and just the best recipes a burn allows us. The kitchen is modern and influenced by recipes from all coordinates of the planet.

The Glowy Owlers are always looking for a helpfull hand in the kitchen. If you re motivated, or even a cook in the fake world, don’t hesitate to tell us and we’ll satisfy your of hosting Glowers.

Alkohol + Snacks: We are not a All Inclusive Hotel. We do provide beside the 2 meals also fruits and water. For Alkohol, sweets, powder candies and salty snacks we would like you to organise yourself for the week.


ATTENTION: We use natural ingredients and no artificial preservatives. If you have any problems with specific food or on of the following allergies, please let us now. Please make no show, if not necessary, because we have to take this problem very serious!

  • Cow milk
  • Eggs
  • Wheat
  • Soy
  • Tree nuts, such as cashews or walnuts
  • Peanuts
  • Fruits